Regulations and information regarding cookies policy and data privacy:

Under article 13, act 1 and act 2 of the regulation by European Parliament and Council (UE) 2016/679 from 27th of April 2016 regarding protection of personal data in regards to processing personal data and in the matter of free movement of data and overruling of directive 95/46/WE (RODO) we are informing, that the owner and operator of this website ( and administrator of data collected on it is Adrianna Zielińska Alabasterfox with legal address: Wrocław, Majakowskiego 4/16 street, NIP: 8942944136, later also referenced as “ website”, “Service”, “ shop” or “”.

Where is your data stored?

Server of S.A., Zbożowa 4 Street, 70-653 Szczecin.

How can you reach out to receive more information regarding processing of your personal data?

You can contact us via email:

How did we get your data?

We have received it from you when creating the order in shop.

What is the purpose and the legal basis for processing your data by website

After purchase of a product in form of electronic book on the website, your personal data is processed in order to complete encapsulated agreement, as in:

  • to use our services provided on website, like sale of electronic books;
  • for supporting tickets you are sending us (e.g. via contact email);
  • contacting you, also regarding purposes connected to providing services;
  • processing your data for accounting and tax purposes;

We are also processing your data for purposes listed below, lawfully based on interest of which is:

  • ensuring support for payment methods;
  • securing purchased products using electronic watermark which will allow identifying purchaser of the file, the electronic book.

If you agree we will process your data to:

  • save your data in cookies, gather data from www sites and mobile applications;
  • sending newsletters.

Your consent for recording personal data can be withdrawn at any time. We will be processing your data up until the moment you withdraw the approval.

Do you have to provide us your personal data?

We require you to provide following personal data in order to form an agreement and to conclude said agreement, thus providing service:

  • first and last name
  • email address
  • if you want to receive invoice – information required to receive invoice, e.g. company details and address.

If for some reason you will fail to provide your personal data, we will not be able to for an agreement and consequently you will be unable to make use of the shop on website. Sharing your data is voluntary.

What are your privileges towards regarding data processing?

We guarantee respecting all your rights resulting from general regulation of data privacy, which is right to access, correct or delete your data, restricting processing of said data, rights to transferring it, not being subjected to automatic decision making including profiling and also right to voice your objection to processing your data.

You can make use of these privileges when:

  • in reference to request of data correction: when you notice that your data is incorrect or incomplete;
  • in reference to request of data deletion: your data is not essential for purpose it was collected for by the Administrator; you will revoke your permission for data processing; you will voice your objection to data processing; your data is not processed accordingly to law; data should be deleted in order to fulfil law sanctioned obligations;
  • in reference to demand of restricting data processing: when you will notice that your data is incorrect you can demand restricting data processing for period which will allow us checking the accuracy of your data; your data is not processed accordingly to law, but you don’t want to have them removed; your data is not necessary, but it might be used by you for defence or to pursue claims; or when you will raise objection regarding data processing – for a time needed to settle if law based grounds are superior to basis of objection;
  • in reference to demand of data transfer: processing of your data happens based on your consent or agreement with you and when processing of data is automatic.

You have a right to raise a complaint regarding us processing your data to the supervisory body, which is Generalny Inspektor Ochrony Danych Osobowych (address: Generalny Inspektor Ochrony Danych Osobowych, Stawki 2 street, 00-193 Warsaw).

In what situations you can oppose data processing?

You can rise an objection against data processing when:

  • Your data is being processed on the lawfully justified basis or for statistics while objection is founded on special situation you are in;
  • Your personal data is processed for use in direct marketing and it is profiled for this purpose.

Please remember, that you are allowed to use the right of objection starting 28th of May 2018.

Who do we share your data with?

We share your data with entities supporting us in provisioning of electronic services, such as payment methods aiding servicing customers of shop.

  • PayU S.A – payment handling
  • PayPal – payment handling

We can also provide your personal data to public bodies responsible for acting against fraud and abuse.

For how long do we store your data?

We are storing your data for the duration of our agreement with you and also after it is concluded for the purpose of:

  • realizing duties stemming from the legal regulations, especially accounting and taxes,
  • statistics and archiving,
  • for the maximal period of 10 years after conclusion of the agreement.

Are we sharing your data with countries outside of European Economic Area?


Are we automatically processing your data (also via profiling) in a way affecting your rights?



Cookies data policy

General Information:

1. The operator of service is Adrianna Zielińska Alabasterfox with the residence in Wrocław, Poland (NIP: 8942944136).
2. Service is fulfilling functions of gathering information about users and their behaviour in following ways:

  • via voluntary entering of data into forms,
  • via saving cookie files on the user devices,
  • via gathering logs of the www server by the hosting operator, available under address

Information about forms

1. Service is gathering data voluntarily provided by users,
2. Service can also save data regarding connection parameters (timestamp, IP address),
3. Data in the form are not provided to third-party entities, unless explicit approval of the user was provided,
4. Data provided in form can constitute repertory of potential customers, registered by the service operator in registry handled by Generalny Inspektor Ochrony Danych Osobowych.
5. Data provided in form is processed to fulfil function relevant to said form, e.g. in order to raise a support or contact ticket,

6. Data provided in forms can be provided to entities responsible for realising some of the services – especially regarding providing data about holder of registered domain to entities operating on internet domains, services handling payments or other entities that Service Operator is working with to that specific extent.

Information about cookie files

1. Service is making use of cookie files.
2. Cookie files are IT data, especially text files, that are stored on the device of Service end user and are intended to be used by website of the Service. Cookies usually contain the name of the website they are connected to, time of storage on the device and an unique number.
3. Service operator is the entity publishing and accessing the cookie files on the device of the end user,
4. Cookie files are used for the following:

– creating statistics that help understanding the way Service users are making use of the websites, which allows upgrading their structure and content;
– keeping the service user session (after signing in) which allows user access to each page of the service without repeated providing of login and password;
– assessing the user profile in order to provide user with the fitting advertisement materials, especially in Google network.

5. There are two kinds of cookie files used for the Service: session cookies and persistent cookies. Session cookies are temporary files, stored on the device of the user until logging out, leaving the site or closing the application (web browser). Persistent cookies are stored on the device of the user until specific time is reached or until they are removed by the user.
6. Software used for web browsing (web browser) is by default set to store cookie files on the device. Service users can make changes in that regard. Web browser also allows removal of cookie files. It is also possible to automatically block the cookie files. More detailed information can be found in help or in documentation of each web browser. 

7. Limiting use of cookies can affect some functions available on the service website. 

8. Cookies stored on the device of the user can be also used by advertisers and partners of the Service Operator. 

9. We recommend reading the data privacy policy in order to learn about rules for use of cookies:

10. Cookies can be used by advertisement networks, especially by Google, to display advertisements fitting the way user is using the Service. For that purpose they can store information about user navigation or time spent on specific page. 

11. In scope of information about user preferences gathered by advertisement network of Google user can check and edit information coming from cookies by using following tool:

Server logs

1. Information about some behaviours of users are logged on the server level. This data is used only for administration purposes of the service in order to provide the most functional hosted services.
2. Viewed resources are identified via URL addresses. Following can be also stored:

– timestamp of request,
– timestamp of response,
– name of the workstation – identified by HTTP protocol,
– information about errors occurring during HTTP transactions,
– URL address of the site previously visited by the user (referrer) – in case the transition to Service was using hyperlink,
– information about user’s web browser,
– information about IP address.

3. Aforementioned data is not associated with any specific users browsing the website.
4. Aforementioned data is used only for service administration.

Sharing data

1. Data can be subjected to sharing with third party entities in a way confined to bounds set by law.
2. Data allowing identification of the person can be shared only after consent of said person.
3. Operator can be obligated to sharing information gathered by service with authorized bodies based on law requirements in said requests.

Managing cookies – how to provide or revoke consent?

If user does not want to receive cookies they can change the web browser settings. We make a provision that disabling cookies necessary for verification, security and user preferences can inhibit or possibly even prevent from using www sites.

How to enable or disable cookies?

It depends on the user if cookies are going to be saved and stored on their device. All these changes can be independently in the settings of used web browser. Information about the way of modifying use of cookies in your web browser can be found in Help section of said application. Below you can find examples on how to block use of cookies in the most popular browsers:

  • In Internet Explorer select “Tools”, “Internet options” and “Block all cookies. More information – Internet Explorer.
  • In Google Chrome select “spanner icon”, “settings”, “under the bonnet”, “content settings” and then “Block sites from setting any data”. More information – Chrome.
  • In Firefox select “Tools, “Options”, “Privacy” and there select option don’t track or similar. More information – Firefox.
  • In Safar select “Settings”, “Preferences”, “Privacy” and here select fitting option. More information – Safari.
  • For mobile devices – in web browser settings select “Settings”, “Privacy” to enter the cookie settings.———–

Terms and conditions of electronic book (eBook) sales in webshop webshop, working using the address, belongs to Adrianna Zielińska Alabasterfox company located in Wrocław (54-317), Majakowskiego 4/16 street, entered into business activity register, NIP: 8942944136, REGON: 366625475.


  • EBOOK – book in the electronic form, provided in MOBI, EPUB or PDF format.
  • PDF – PDF (Portable Document Format) – RECOMMENDED FOR COMPUTERS. File format used for presentations, transferring and printing of textual and graphical content. This format has a fixed page division and is well suited for publications viewed on bigger screens. On readers, tablets and smartphones you can encounter issues with scale, text division or navigation in the publication itself.
  • EPUB – (electronic publication) – RECOMMENDED FOR READERS, TABLETS AND SMARTPHONES. Open standard, based on XML language, used for publishing electronic books (eBooks). Books created in them don’t have fixed page division. Thanks to that when increasing the size of text it will be adjusted accordingly. This format is especially fitting for eBook readers.
  • MOBI – RECOMMENDED FOR READERS, TABLETS AND SMARTPHONES. Format used for eBooks. Books in that format can be downloaded on devices (e.g. e-reader, computer) equipped with software allowing reading MOBI files (e.g. MobiPocket Reader). MOBI is based on XHTML and thanks to that it can be easily used on mobile devices, especially on one of the most popular e-readers – Kindle. MOBI files in our bookstore are marked using so called Watermark of the user who purchased the book.
  • Watermark – System of marking product with the encrypted data of the user who has purchased the product. Can be used to identify user who has illegally circulated the product against the law. Products with watermark are marked with abbreviation (WM) after the product format, e.g. MOBI (WM) or EPUB (WM).

Watermarking is based on marking the files inside the content, which allows checking the unique licence of the user transaction. Watermark is a convenient solution and one preferred by customers due to lack of special applications needed to open the file and due to possibility of reading it freely on any devices supporting the format. There are no limits to licences or possibility of moving the file between devices. Unique transaction licence allows monitoring and recognising files in case of unauthorised use, which primarily means sharing the eBook on Internet. Files with watermark are compatible with popular apps used for reading eBooks, like Stanza or Calibre, and apps on mobile devices with both iOS and Android.

1. Making the purchase.

Customer can order products offered by site 24 hours per day using website

In order to make a purchase customer needs to:

– select product using option “Add to the cart”,
– select option “Order/Buy Now” and select the payment method,
– make a payment.

Due to the type of products offered in shop, customer can order only one piece of each title in selected format.

Next to each electronic book you can find information about licence and possibility (or lack of it) of printing and copying of electronic book.

Due to the nature of products offered in shop, during purchase customer needs to agree to receiving digital content before missing the deadline of withdrawing from agreement. In this way customer confirms, that he is forfeiting the right to withdraw from agreement.

2.Technical conditions necessary to use electronic books purchased on shop.

Warning! Before purchasing electronic book on shop customer needs to check if the electronic device, one he wants to use to open the file, is able to support the format eBook is in. company cannot guarantee that purchased book will open on every and each electronic device which has the function of opening electronic books.

Before purchasing the book customer needs to familiarise themselves with conditions of the licence, where it can be checked if:

– it is or it isn’t possible to print the book
– it is or it isn’t possible to copy the text.

Terms and conditions of the licence are listed in the description of the book on

3. Methods of payments.

Payments are made via PayU S.A. and PayPal companies. Customer can make a payment for ordered products in following way:

– via PayU system
– using wire transfer (option “Print and pay”. Warning: completing the order using this method might take dozen hours of the business day from te moment the payment was done).
– via PayPal

Website will confirm registration by sending message to email address selected by customer with confirmation of the order.

Product is provided via Internet and this way of delivery is free of charge.

4. Terms and conditions for the order completion.

Order is carried out once receives confirmation from PayU S.A or PayPal about payment completion.

After receiving information about it will send message to email address provided during purchase with confirmation of receiving the funds and information on downloading the products.

If order cannot be completed then will inform customer about this by sending email to address provided during purchase. If customer paid for the order that cannot be completed within 72 hours, then will return said funds to bank account the payment came from.

5. Prices and book formats.

All prices provided on sites of the webshop are listed in euros (€) and they include tax in amount of 23%.

The final price is listed during purchase in the “Cart”.

6. Invoices site will issue an invoice for purchased products after selecting “I want to be issued a VAT invoice” option on “Cart” page and after providing company/personal data in required form. This way customer agrees to issuing electronic invoice in PDF format. Invoice will be created once payment for the product is confirmed.

Warning: acceptation of terms and conditions obliges you to accept Invoice in electronic, PDF version sent via email.

7. Withdrawal from contract

Due to nature of sold product (rendition, that cannot be returned) customer is unable to withdraw from the contract or to resign from the order after making the payment.Customer needs to confirm that the device he intends to use will be able to support the format the book is provided in.

8. Security and copyrights

All products offered by are under protection of law from 4th of February 1994 regarding copyrights and related laws and they can be only used within rules of following terms and conditions text.Customer can use products purchased on site only for one’s private use, accordingly to standing laws. Customer cannot share products purchased on with others.Customer cannot and is unauthorized to:

– circulating or putting forth products purchased on, whole or in parts,
– commercial use of products purchased on,
– modification of products purchased on

Customer is obligated to make sure that unauthorized person will be unable to make use of products purchased o in a way incompatible with laws or terms and conditions.

In case of discovering situations when products purchased on are used illegally, then can pursue legal claims against the customer. site is not responsible for not delivering the email regarding order completion due to reasons independent to

9. Licence contents for use of ebooks purchased in shop.

Copy of eBook purchased in shop is for personal use only and within the limits approved by the licence. All rights are reserved unless the owner of copyrights will provide clear licence. Besides the situations in line with a law and approval of the copyright holder, any copying, montages, viewing, lending, public shows or other ways of distributing content of this copy or their fragments or parts are strictly forbidden. Purchased copy cannot be sold off, distributed or traded.

10. Complaints

Customer can make a complaint to following address: in case when:– purchased product is corrupted and doesn’t work,
– when customer makes the payment and product isn’t delivered within 24h of payment shop will take a stance on the complaint within 7 days.The moment is receiving confirmation of order created by customer is treated as a time of sale agreement.Due to nature of the product sold (rendition, that cannot be returned) customer is not within his rights to withdraw from agreement within 10 days of making the contract according to statue from 2nd of March 2000 “O ochronie niektórych praw konsumentów oraz o odpowiedzialności za szkodę wyrządzoną przez product niebezpieczny”.

Reimbursement, in case of positive consideration of the claim by, will be completed in a way selected by customer in 7 business days from the moment customer receives information about positive settlement of his complaint.

11. Personal data

Customer agrees to data processing by accordingly to the regulation from 29th of August 1997 regarding data privacy (Dz. U. Nr 133, poz. 883). Customer states he was informed that providing personal data was voluntary and that he has a right to check and correct it.