I have published an eBook! Instagram. Project: Influencer

Adrianna Zielińska Alabasterfox

Even now I can hardly believe, that after 9 weeks of diligent work I don’t need to spend more evenings stuck with the keyboard. I have published an eBook! Instagram. Project: Influencer has now went public on the 18th of October and today it was also released in English, my first “child” and product I that I want to see helping others. I want to tell you more about the goals and about backstage of my work on this book. I honestly hope you will be able to find answers to your questions here :)

Instagram. Project: Influencer – what is it about?

In this eBook I have focused solely on growth, which means building strong and engaged community. This is not an app manual, you won’t find basics like: press photo twice to like it. I wanted it to be compendium of my full Instagram knowledge. This is not an eBook about novelties. It is 3 years of my work, which I have partially shared during conferences, on my blog, Facebook, Instagram and my work that I had yet to spread around. It is a summary of my experience and of the journey I have went through, one that allowed my 150 thousand community to support me.

I wanted this eBook to be different from the ones already available out there. There is no shortage of Instagram references, yet quite often they are simply transcribed texts without real efforts of their authors. Anyone can edit some texts, but only few can confirm effectiveness of proposed solutions. I cared about my knowledge and advices passing the reality check.

In the eBook I will talk about relations, building community, about ever so blamed algorithm, which isn’t as bad as they say it is and about hashtags, that are the Achilles’ heel of many creators. You will also find here few additions that will help you with making the work easier and aid you in more difficult situations.

.for whom is this eBook?

For all of you who want change and development, and whose knowledge of Instagram isn’t that advanced. Instagram. Project: Influencer is mainly directed to people wanting to systematise their knowledge and to know how new algorithm works, why hashtags are so crucial, what strong and engaged community gives us and how to build it, what should we know when building our image on Instagram and how to act in difficult situations.

.why did I write all of this?

My Instagram exists ever since 2013, but the period of increased activity falls mainly on the 3 last years. During that time my life turned 180 degrees around and while it might sound like motivational speech, it is my true story.

It is because of Instagram that I changed my job, created my own company, travel a lot more, look at my surroundings in a way different than ever, met AMAZING people, formed new friendships, learnt a lot, developed myself greatly, created my own product, changed the direction I was heading in, because of it I understand and know more. Naturally, during that time I heard people saying: come on, stop looking at your phone, there is real world around you or: find a serious job. But I don’t need to have a serious job.

In my life I want to do what I love and I am bloody proud I had courage to do something others would ridicule, something they would call a fad that will soon pass. Even if it will, then I will come out as stronger and more wilful version of my old self, something I won’t need to worry about.

Instagram unlocked many doors for me. Using this eBook I wanted to show you how my past 3 years looked like, what I did, what methods I had (and still do), what I paid attention to and why it is so important. I am sharing what I know and what I find crucial, so if you want to change something in your life then let this eBook and this post be a reminder that what you desire is attainable through your own actions.

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