In love with traveling, photography, snowboarding and recently also with mountain hikes :) For the past 3 years a self-professed Instagram enthusiast that loves changing ordinary things into something completely extraordinary. One with particular weak spot for black coffee and good wine, but it’s really hard to say no to that pair in the first place ;) Greatest dream? Ever changing. Blog was created due to passion as another way to discover more to the life.

I am, above all else, fond of fulfilling new ideas. And while I may complain that day might be too short for me I enjoy having them full of things to do. I am used to constant work and continual search for new goals. Most of them start in my dream factory, I just simply make them into tasks to do :)

I especially care for mornings, in particular those that I can spend with people dear to me, obligatorily accompanied by breakfast and good coffee. Recently I have published my first product, my child if you may – this is of course about eBook – Instagram. Project: Influencer. If you want to train a little in Instagram ways then this might be just for you ;)

On my Polish blog I am mainly covering the subject of Instagram and photography, while also taking my readers on adventures to the furthest places on Earth. I am always trying to find beautiful, yet untamed locations, as these are most pleasant to the eye.

My social channels can be found below and they are consisting of (mainly, but not entirely) additions in form of photographic content that supplements posts you can find here. So, should we get to know each other a little more? :)


My name is Adrianna and this is my blog. I am glad to see you there!